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I am Matthew Johnson. Let’s Connect!

After 18 years of working in schools and nonprofits, I write and speak on how nonprofits can improve their social productivity. I also work for IBM Watson Marketing where I help organizations use data & analytics to “identify and maximize the moments that matter most.”

You lead your organization from the first chair. This is help from the second chair.


Second Chair Leadership focuses on “Social Productivity” …

Social Media

Social media is more than advertisement. It’s how your organization participates as a member of the community. It’s not selfish media, it’s social media.

SCL educates your organization on how to get people from online to onsite through social media engagement.

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It’s easy for charity-based organizations to act as if work is the mission, because work is ethic driven. But in order for your organization to make progress, there has to be a culture of productivity.

SCL educates your staff on how to use social productivity tools like Buffer, Evernote, Trello, and Mailchimp.

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Need help overcoming social media confusion or improving the productivity of your staff? Take a look at Hiring Me! or having me Speak. Let’s Connect

The First Chair of Second Chair Leadership

Matthew_picI am educated as an engineer (Go Jackets!), engaged as a communicator, and experienced as a leader.  I’ve spent over 18 years of working in first and second chair leadership positions with non-profit organizations. I blog about staff development, social media, productivity and education.

  • Alum of Georgia Tech (B.S.) & UGST (M.A.)
  • SaaS specialist at IBM Watson Marketing
  • LinkedIn contributing publisher

“Most of what I know the people I love have taught me or they have endured the learning with me.”

I am married to a courageous educator, Becki, and for last 20 years we have attempted to parent Clara, Celeste, Reagan, and Grant.

Let’s Connect!