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I am Matthew Johnson. Let’s Connect!

After 18 years of working in churches, schools and nonprofits, I write and speak on how nonprofits can improve their social productivity. I also work for Experience One at IBM where I help organizations use data & analytics to “identify and maximize the moments that matter most.”

You sit in the first chair. This is help from the second chair.


Second Chair Leadership focuses on “Social Productivity” …

Social Media

Social media is more than advertisement. It’s how your organization participates as a member of the community. It’s not selfish media, it’s social media.

SCL educates your organization on how to get people from online to onsite through social media engagement.

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It’s easy for charity-based organizations to act as if work is the mission, because work is ethic driven. But in order for your organization to make progress, there has to be a culture of productivity.

SCL educates your staff on how to use social productivity tools like Buffer, Evernote, Trello, and Mailchimp.

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Need help overcoming social media confusion or improving the productivity of your staff? Take a look at Hiring Me! or having me Speak. Let’s Connect

The First Chair of Second Chair Leadership

Matthew_picI am educated as an engineer (Go Jackets!), engaged as a communicator, and experienced as a leader.  I’ve spent over 18 years of working in first and second chair leadership positions with non-profit organizations. I blog about staff development, social media, productivity and education.

  • Alum of Georgia Tech (B.S.) & UGST (M.A.)
  • An Experience One Dealmaker with IBM
  • Featured writer for Christian Media Magazine
  • LinkedIn contributing publisher

“Most of what I know the people I love have taught me or they endured the learning with me.”

I am married to a courageous educator/activist, Becki and for 16 years we have attempt to not provoke to wrath Clara, Celeste, Reagan, and Grant.

Let’s Connect!