#AppleLive and Your Church Live-Streaming

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iphone 6 debutI have an iPhone 4. It’s the model that uses smoke signals to send data. Recently, Apple reminded iPhone 4 users just how stuck in 2010 we are with the release of the iPhone 6 & 6 Plus.

The unveiling was live streamed on Apple’s website…or at least it was suppose to be. When the event began the audio was simultaneously in Mandarin and English, and the video screen was frozen with the classic 8 color TV lines. Online viewers had problems for over an hour.

Of course, social media took to poking fun using Apple’s promoted hashtag #AppleLive. Here are some of the tweets:

My personal favorite,

Apple’s techno-fail with live streaming is not uncommon in churches. I have tuned into churches with no audio on their live stream or a blank camera shot because the speaker had moved off-camera.

As churches depend more on live-streaming to get their message out, it’s important that live-streaming not fall prey to techno-fails.

One helpful way to prevent live streaming problems is to assign a person to live-stream production. Don’t just add live-streaming to the AV team’s to-do list. Live-streaming is reaching a real-time audience that wants to feel like they’re included in the service, not like an add-on audience that gets the occasional privilege of watching online.

Your church is weekly unveiling a great “product.” Don’t let techno-fails keep it from online viewers.

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