Are You Serving Sunday Left Overs?

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leftoversIf you’re single would you invite your date over for a meal of leftovers?

I hope not, but that’s what gets served in a lot of weekly church communications – the leftovers from Sunday.

This happens because churches usually create everything to be served on Sunday. Graphics, worship set, sermon, announcements are all communicated for the Sunday-only experience. The rest of the week is an after thought.

Churches have a broader opportunity to connect by creating weekly content. Here’s a potential template:

Monday – thank guests for coming. You asked to follow guests, right?

Tuesday – ask people what “take-aways” they had from Sunday.

Wednesday – invite people to share a pic of their week with a specific #hashtag. This is great if the pic can connect with an ongoing series. i.e. ask couples to share a date-night pic during a relationship series.

Thursday – share something comical. A funny saying or vine clip to help lighten-up the work week. Dilbert is always a good choice.

Friday – share a weekend-weather screen shot and ask people, “What are your weekend plans?”

Saturday – share the titles of Sunday’s worship set on a graphic. Like this one.

Of course you can promote the upcoming Sunday message throughout the week and share last Sunday’s announcements. There’s nothing wrong with that.

Just remember a good way to help people think about church beyond Sunday, is to let them know the church is thinking about them Monday through Saturday.

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