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Carman recently interviewed Pastor Chester Mitchell in NYC about his new book The Gravel Road to Heaven for the TBN network.

The interview will air Monday, April 8 at 10pm EST.

I recorded a podcast with Pastor Mitchell about his book on March 14.  I’m sure it was my podcast that caused Carman and TBN to request an interview :).

Gravel Road Cover

Join the Conversation:  What do you think about Carman interviewing Chester Mitchell?  Leave a comment.

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I was privileged to interview Pastor Chester Mitchell for a podcast that will post to this site soon. Chester Mitchell is the Lead Pastor of Capital Community Church (CCC) in Washington D.C. and the author of The Gravel Road to Heaven.

Mitchell Service

I also was able to attend CCC with my family on Sunday and catch Pastor Mitchell’s third installment in the series Big Dreams.  Here are a few highlights.

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