Graduate Sunday “Relocation & Resources”


Grads on Platform

It was a great privilege to speak at the Graduate Sunday Service for First Pentecostal Church yesterday to these graduates. Click here for more pics.

Here are the highlights from my message “Relocation”

Pictures remind us of times and places in our life.

Like when someone handed my wife and kids this “pic from the past” a week ago.

Quiz Pic 1

My cousin Cassie and friend Christian. We are Bible quizzing together at 12 years of age. Circa 1984.

Pictures also remind us that we are no longer in those places any more. We have moved on.  We’ve RELOCATED.

Relocation comes in three ways:


In today’s highly mobile world, graduates are bound to experience relocation in one, if not all, of these ways.

The thing we don’t usually expect about relocation is that:Slide5

 I believe relocations are a vital part of God’s plan because:


When you step from the known into the unknown, you become very aware of how much you need God.

Case in Point: Isaac, A Man of Relocation

Genesis 26:12-24 contains a chapter in the life of Isaac in which he has to keep relocating and searching for new resources.

Two Points from Isaac’s Relocations:


[pullquote]Doing a better job does not always result in greater security or promotion.[/pullquote]

Doing a better job does not always result in greater security or promotion.

It did in high school.  As you succeeded in one grade you were promoted to the next grade.

Unlike your school life, the adult life can have chapters in which you are forced to relocate because your success is a threat to others.  Abimilech who had been Isaac’s friend said, “Go away from us, for you are much mightier than us.” (Gen. 26:16)

If God relocates you after you have succeeded, then he has spared you from something worse.

Because to stay in a place where your good is seen as a growing threat is asking to be crucified.  Jesus was not allowed to relocate and the jealousy of religious leaders led to his execution.

Secondly, when you put in the work, someone else reaps the benefit and you have to move on, remember with God there is plenty to go around.


Isaac was never asked by God to fight for the wells (new resources) he dug out. Sometimes God does not call us to fight, he calls us to move on.

Many adults know what it’s like to want to fight for things that are important to us, only to have to relocate.

  • The marriage did dissolve.
  • The funeral did take place
  • The job is over.

If you have ever been forced to move on, be reminded that there are new resources God wants to give you.  These new resources would have never been available to you if you had stayed and fought.

Finally Isaac finds a place in Rehoboth near Beersheba where “they did not quarrel” over the land.

The interesting thing about Rehoboth is that Isaac’s dad, Abraham, had never been there.  This was a new place.


And Beersheba was the first place Isaac heard for himself, God say, “I am with YOU and will bless YOU…”

Isaac could have never arrived at a more personal connection with God if he had been unwilling to RELOCATE.

Join the Conversation:  Have you ever had to relocate and in the process you discovered new resources that God wanted to give you?


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  • Gregg Stone

    Fantastic presentation of our Graduates and a powerful message. Thanks to you and your team for a great job.

    • The team at FPC we’re tremendous. We had the easy job of preparing for a few weeks. You had the life-time job as the parent of a grad. Thks much!