Podcast with Pastor Paul Cook: A Discipleship Culture

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Life Central logoPaul and Julie Cook pastor Life Central Church in Dallas (Plano), TX.  Life Central is a church “Reaching people far from God and bringing them into a discipleship culture.”  It was my privilege to recently  sit down with Paul to talk discipleship and leadership.



Worship Set Life CentralListen as Pastor Cook talks about:

  • What it’s like to serve in the same place as a second and first chair leader.
  • What first sparked his desire to be a student of leadership.
  • How he avoided the mistake of forcing others to learn leadership the way he did.
  • Elements of leadership that work at Life Central.
  • His role as the leader and God’s role as the visionary.
  • Why he doesn’t have to invent vision, he just has to discover it.
  • Paul Preaching Life CentralWhat he learned by going through a re-visioning of his church’s corporate identity.
  • How he sees preaching in the context of where the church is going.
  • Why he preaches to lead and does not lead to preach.
  • How reaching to be multi-generational helps the church stay vibrant.
  • His realization that he is not the answer for his church.
  • That it’s OK to go at God’s pace.
  • Why it’s best to have a discipling culture and not just make disciples.
  • The thing that makes him want to hire someone.
  • Why he doesn’t want to hire workers or facilitators but reaches for developers.
  • How to know when to hire and when to stop adding more workload on others.
  • How he views his stewardship over employees.
  • Why second chair leaders are better at knowing what frustrates the church.
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