Preach to Lead

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preachingThere was a time when a pastor with little management effort could grow a church if he was a decent communicator.

No longer.  Today it takes more than good preaching to sustain the growth of a church.  It also takes good leading.

Now more than ever pastors have to preach on Sunday and lead Monday through Friday.

3 growing reasons to preach to lead

1. Growing Complexity

The organizational complexity of today’s church is growing.

Even small churches (< 100) have multiple departments, ministry venues and volunteer teams to manage.

A growing church requires C-level executive skills in order to keep people on task and working together.

Sunday preaching alone cannot address Monday through Friday organizational complexities.

2.  Growing Involvement

Church attenders today want to be a part of something.

Say what the critics will about the up and coming generation, but they have more community involvement and more charitable service hours than previous generations.

Today’s church wants to follow a weekly cause more than a Sunday personality.

A pastor has to lead a church to effectively create room and opportunity for people to volunteer.  It’s important that after preaching for involvement, a well led process is offered for involvement.

NOTE:  Never ask for a show of hands from volunteers in a congregation.  Quality volunteers are not solicited.  They are invited.

3. Growing Awareness

As the workforce moves into more service industries and white collar jobs, the more awareness people have of leadership on the job.

Staff development, career counseling, and rising education all add up to a better informed pew who know the difference between poor and great leadership.

It is becoming increasingly difficult for professionals to attend a church that only preaches the Gospel but cannot organize around the Gospel.


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