Social Media Mentoring

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Social Media is rapidly changing the way people share information.

Understanding social media platforms and how to effectively use them can be overwhelming for churches.

Second Chair Leadership offers Social Media Mentoring (SMM) to help your church succeed in the digital social world.

SMM includes the following services:


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1. Understanding Social Media 

Is it Tweeting or Twittering?

  • Overview of social media lingo
  • All social media platforms are not the same.  Understanding how to effectively use Facebook or Twitter or Instagram displays your church’s social media competence.
  • All social media users are not the same.  Understanding how age groups and people groups use social media is vital to reaching your community.


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2. Developing a Communication Strategy 

If everything is important, then nothing is important.

Churches that do not start with a clear communication strategy end up creating too much social media”noise”.  And like most noises people eventually tune them out or turn them off.  A Communication Strategy will ensure your church’s voice is heard.
A Communication Strategy will determine:
  • Why you want to communicate,
  • What you want to communicate,
  • How you will communicate,
  • Who will communicate.
Free Second Chair Leadership eBook“That’ll Tweet” 5 Tweet Ideas to Promote Your Sunday Sermons 
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3. Feedback through Social Media Analytics

“Can you hear me now?”

The “digital gold” in social media is in the data.  Your church can know who is getting what content and how through social media analytics.
  • Mining for gold: Reading an analytics report
  • Decision making around analytics


Going Beyond Social Media

Understanding In-bound Marketing: A Better Approach to Tracking Visitors.

No More Visitor Cards
  • Overcoming the 2 reasons people hate to give you their information.
  • Learning how to offer value for connection.
  • Respecting the privacy of personal data.
Increasing Traffic
  • Blogging: Grow Your Website Traffic by 55%