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Lincoln SelfieWhen I watched the movie Lincoln I wondered how do we know what we know about his decision making, his mannerisms, his relationship with his wife?

Data, of course. Data in the form of government documents, personal letters, travel itineraries, transcribed debates, photographs, and speeches.

All of which was ravenously collected in the shadow of Lincoln’s assassination. It seems that every minuscule data point of Lincoln’s life was snatched up and preserved by someone.

In the future, you won’t have to be famous or die an infamous death for researchers to have enormous amounts of data about your life.

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Lazy feet up FacebookIf you haven’t noticed lately, then take a look at the organic reach of your organization’s FB page. It’s going down.

Several studies have shown the organic reach of Facebook is around 6%. That means you can expect 6 out of 100 people to see each of your Facebook posts. It was 49 out of 100 just last October. That’s a big change, but why?

FB has gone public.

As a publicly traded company Facebook’s primary responsibility is to shareholders not users with free accounts. The current Facebook algorithm gives preference to those who pay for ads or to boost posts. Some think that FB is slowly turning into more of a paid advertising company.

Whatever Facebook might become the fact is it’s getting harder to be lazy with your Facebook content if you still want to reach people.

Jay Baer calls it the Reachpocolypse and he created this graph to show the coinciding decline of Facebook’s reach as their stock price has gone up.

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social media voiceAs a parent of teenagers, I am grateful for the moments when my teens want to converse about life. Those conversations always feel more like peer-nting than parenting and I like that.

Unfortunately I have been known to ruin the moment by slipping back into what my kids call the “parent voice.”  The “parent voice” is marked by a matter-of-fact tone and a focus on informing rather than understanding.

I enjoy helping churches find their social media voice. Part of finding that voice involves teaching churches to stop using their “pulpit voice” on social media platforms. The “pulpit voice” is usually marked by a take-heed tone and a focus on promotion rather than community.

Here are a few social media “voice lessons” for churches…

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