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I was privileged to interview Pastor Chester Mitchell for a podcast that will post to this site soon. Chester Mitchell is the Lead Pastor of Capital Community Church (CCC) in Washington D.C. and the author of The Gravel Road to Heaven.

Mitchell Service

I also was able to attend CCC with my family on Sunday and catch Pastor Mitchell’s third installment in the series Big Dreams.  Here are a few highlights.

God is cool and weird

God has something great for you, that’s cool. But he will often put you in disorienting circumstances, that’s weird.   Joseph had amazing dreams from God but he ended up in a pit and a prison.  You know God has given you dreams, but your also facing unemployment or fighting an illness or going through a divorce.  At times it feels like God can be both cool and weird.

Location is overrated 

Sometimes we think a relocation is the key to our success.  However, you can find losers in good places and winners in bad places.  Joseph achieved a measure of success in every location:  Potiphar’s house, the prison and the palace.  It is the Joseph Principle:  everywhere you can, add value.

Waiting on your dream

There are times when our God-dream will be put on hold. Use those seasons of pause to serve the dreams of others.  Joseph spends time serving the dream of Potiphar and the dream of Pharaoh. While you are waiting for God to answer your dream, work on other people’s dreams.
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