Living the Psalms – A Journey Through Disorientation

Are you struggling with unemployment, the death of a loved one, estrangement from someone? Life can be traumatic and trauma is disorienting. We know things will never be like they were, and we’re overwhelmed with confusing emotions.

Thankfully the Psalms are very human expressions during times of trauma. They are filled with anger, hate, rage, protest, praise and wonder. There is no hiding the true feelings of the psalmist.

For this reason the Psalms capture the whole human experience of walking with God. Especially when life takes a curve, and we know things will never be the same.

If you are struggling to make sense of devastating circumstances, please sign up for this 3 Part teaching series on Living the Psalms.

Based on the work of Walter Brueggemann, the Psalms show us how God walks with us through Orientation – Disorientation – Reorientation. Once we enter into Disorientation (trauma), our desire is to get back into Orientation (the way things were) but God is inviting us into a Reorientation (the way things can be.)

Far from over psychoanalyzing scripture, this series helps us identify a pattern in the Psalms that values the way things were, recognizes our immense pain, and helps us be open to newness.

Our next Journey through Disorientation begins April 13. Join us!