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Cheste Profile PicHere it is, Part 1 of my interview with Pastor Chester Mitchell of Capital Community Church discussing his book  The Gravel Road to Heaven. Get it today.  The book is a great read, and very encouraging.



In the interview Pastor Mitchell talks about:

  • How Missionary Steve Willoughby encouraged him to write.
  • Why he titled his book The Gravel Road to Heaven.
  • What he learned about publishing and promoting a book.
  • How to get the most out of reading his book.
  • Why busy Christians need a spiritual renaissance.
  • Being an all-out fearful leader and facing that fear.
  • Battling perfectionism and overcoming insecurities.
  • Preachers are way too competitive and critical of each other.
  • Everybody knows your strengths. Speak out of your weaknesses.
  • What writing a book did for him personally.

On Part 2 of this podcast Pastor Mitchell talks about his leadership of CCC and his second chairs.

Gravel Road Cover

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