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I am Matthew Johnson.

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You lead your organization from the first chair. This is help from a second chair.

I have worked for IBM Watson Marketing and now lead the Dan T. Moore Makerspace at Cleveland State University. Working at the intersection of marketing and emerging tech, I use 23 years of corporate experience and educational leadership to solve problems through Social Productivity.



Social media is more than advertising, it’s a means for your organization to engage with the community.  It’s not selfish media, it’s social media.


It’s easy for organizations to act as if work is the mission, because work is ethic driven. But in order for there to be progress a culture of productivity must be created.

Need help overcoming social media confusion or creating a culture of productivity?

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I draw on 15 years of educational leadership and 8 years of corporate experience to solve problems in the community and the marketplace.

I am educated as an engineer (Go Jackets!), and engaged as a communicator.  I’ve spent over 20 years working in first and second-chair positions for K-12, Corporate and Higher-Ed institutions. I blog about staff development, social media, marketing and productivity.

“Most of what I know the people I love have taught me or they’ve endured the learning with me.”

I am married to a gifted educator, Rebecca M.Ed., Ed.S., Ph.D.(2021), and together we have attempted to parent four gifted kids.

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