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This week’s Living Room Conversation is with Jeremy Kiner, owner of AMPED Creativ (that’s not a misspell.)

In this 30 minute session Jeremy talks about what he’s hearing from the marketplace and the advice the AMPED team is giving to clients.

Jeremy discusses…

  • how clients are using the current PAUSE to shift their digital and e-commerce approaches to doing business. Listen for the great curve-ball analogy he offers.
  • two clients in the same industry, selling the same product, but each responding differently to the COVID-19 shutdown.
  • using this time to increase your brand exposure.
  • having an optimism for the future once the market re-opens.
  • why now is a good time to jump into digital ads for your company.

Jeremy shares all of his insight with some great optimism for the future of the marketplace. Listen and then check out AMPED Creativ.

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