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organicsI heard a news program report that U.S. organic farmers are having a “row,” as the Brits say, over the organic label.

One side, we’ll call Purists, want the label to apply only to foods strictly raised without synthetic substances.

The other side, we’ll call Pragmatists, want broader availability of organics in the market and are willing to accept the use of some synthetic substances.

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Stop your “doing” that just “does.” Focus, prioritize and practice until you master the kind of “doing” that multiplies.

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Will Mancini #leadwell

No individual raindrop considers itself responsible for the flood. #significance

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No individual rain drop…#BestAdvice2013

Sittind Down 3“Sharing your strengths creates competition; sharing your weaknesses creates community” is one of my favorite lines in this PART 2 interview with Pastor Chester Mitchell of Capital Community Church.

CCC Service

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(Pictures by Celeste Johnson)



Listen as Pastor Mitchell talks about:

  • Elements of the leadership model that works at Capital Community Church.
  • How he “does life” with his second chair leaders.
  • Why he likes Twitter.
  • The learning curve he is on right now as a leader.
  • Why many churches are in decline.
  • Why he was “lucky” as a second chair.
  • When is it best to hire a second chair.
  • What kind of a leader he will NOT hire.
  • How CCC leads by process not program.
  • Should a second chair always aspire to be a first chair?
  • What happens with his staff when he admits, “I don’t know.”
  • A sneak peak at his upcoming 2nd book!

Gravel Road Book CoverChester Mitchell’s book  The Gravel Road to Heaven is a great read, and very encouraging.  Get it today.

Join the Conversation:  What did Chester Mitchell say that resonated the most with you?  Leave a comment below.

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Cheste Profile PicHere it is, Part 1 of my interview with Pastor Chester Mitchell of Capital Community Church discussing his book  The Gravel Road to Heaven. Get it today.  The book is a great read, and very encouraging.



In the interview Pastor Mitchell talks about:

  • How Missionary Steve Willoughby encouraged him to write.
  • Why he titled his book The Gravel Road to Heaven.
  • What he learned about publishing and promoting a book.
  • How to get the most out of reading his book.
  • Why busy Christians need a spiritual renaissance.
  • Being an all-out fearful leader and facing that fear.
  • Battling perfectionism and overcoming insecurities.
  • Preachers are way too competitive and critical of each other.
  • Everybody knows your strengths. Speak out of your weaknesses.
  • What writing a book did for him personally.

On Part 2 of this podcast Pastor Mitchell talks about his leadership of CCC and his second chairs.

Gravel Road Cover

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