Matthew’s ability to engage audiences has made him an in-demand speaker for over 20 years.

As the CEO of a multi-million dollar company, I have the opportunity to hear many good speakers and educators. I can tell you that Matthew’s ability to engage an audience is second to none. He brings a very high level of relativity to a message in an entertaining manner that allows information to be retained.
Christian Hinrichs CEO, Spa Group LLC

Matthew is a sought after communicator for keynote addresses, commencements, seminars, conferences, and workshops.

His communication style blends life relevance with cultural awareness. Audience feedback often references his ability to authentically connect with people. He is excellent at gearing his content towards conference attendees, corporate teams or community groups.

Some of his in-demand presentations:

My Ups and Downs in Silicon Valley

A motivational presentation on how Matthew and his family were robbed in San Francisco and used tracking technology to get their stuff back.

Target: Keynote talk, Conference kickoff, Commencement address

Building Community in a Makerspace

Don’t let your makerspace become a “machine mausoleum.” This workshop focuses on best practices to turn a makerspace into a community that focuses on inclusion more than expertise. 

Matthew is a dynamic speaker who breaks the complex down into the comprehendible. He also possesses a great acumen for…providing insightful analysis into difficult situations, yet at the same time creating an enjoyable culture around him.
Chad Faubert
Marriott International-Senior Manager, Budgets and Analysis