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books in trashIf every book in your personal library is still worth reading, then you haven’t expanded your learning very much over the years.

There are books I no longer read and truthfully no longer agree with because I have changed my thinking about their content.

Learning goes deep in our identity, and it is very difficult to change our thinking once we have found a lens through which to satisfactorily interpret the world around us.

But I have discovered that true growth requires a broader understanding of learning beyond my current lens on life.

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momentum roadOrganizations love momentum.

Momentum comes from wins, sales, growth, revival…call it what you want, but when you have it everyone can feel it.  Momentum is tangible progress. However, there is one danger in momentum.

Momentum can carry you right past the turn you need to make.

I was driving in a busy metro area last week trying to keep up with the pace of traffic when suddenly I saw the turn I needed to make.  I immediately knew that my current speed and the flow of traffic was not going to allow me to make the turn, so I ran right past the needed course correction.

Churches are bad about living off of momentum. Churches often call this “revival,” and no one wants to kill the momentum of “revival.”

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