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man with briefcaseIf you can’t get away from your organization then you are either…

…A lousy leader or
…You can’t hire well or
…You have an inflated need to be needed

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Sittind Down 3“Sharing your strengths creates competition; sharing your weaknesses creates community” is one of my favorite lines in this PART 2 interview with Pastor Chester Mitchell of Capital Community Church.

CCC Service

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(Pictures by Celeste Johnson)



Listen as Pastor Mitchell talks about:

  • Elements of the leadership model that works at Capital Community Church.
  • How he “does life” with his second chair leaders.
  • Why he likes Twitter.
  • The learning curve he is on right now as a leader.
  • Why many churches are in decline.
  • Why he was “lucky” as a second chair.
  • When is it best to hire a second chair.
  • What kind of a leader he will NOT hire.
  • How CCC leads by process not program.
  • Should a second chair always aspire to be a first chair?
  • What happens with his staff when he admits, “I don’t know.”
  • A sneak peak at his upcoming 2nd book!

Gravel Road Book CoverChester Mitchell’s book  The Gravel Road to Heaven is a great read, and very encouraging.  Get it today.

Join the Conversation:  What did Chester Mitchell say that resonated the most with you?  Leave a comment below.

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Adorable Boy in SuitI’ve spent the past few years as an “over-the-hill” student pastor.  I’m old enough that I have kids of my own in the youth group, and I did not start parenting young.

One of the challenges of staffing when it comes to a student pastor hire is the “age versus experience” quandary.  A young student pastor, whose not far removed in age from the youth, identifies better with the students but the parents are nervous over his lack of experience.  A pushing-40 student pastor, with a few youth-age kids of his own, helps parents feel more secure but the students feel disconnected from his “ancient” age.   So, what’s the right age for a student pastor hire? Continue Reading…

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