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phone screenSometimes the only thing between you and digital action is a click, but you don’t know where to click.

I was recently visiting a client site and realized I couldn’t figure out how to take action on the site. I wanted to give, to support, to share, but after 20 min of digging around I couldn’t figure out how to do any of those things. I couldn’t take action. Continue Reading…

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Miraflor PictureFive years ago Brandon and Amy Miraflor started Evy’s Tree, a San Francisco based clothing company that provides luxury comfort wear.

They are quick to say that starting Evy’s Tree was a “God surprise” they didn’t see coming. Today Evy’s Tree sells up to 1000 items of clothing per month.

In this interview Brandon and Amy talk about:

  • Evy’s Tree start-up days
  • The challenges of success and learning new ways to run a business
  • Having a plan but being fluid
  • The importance of having both business and spiritual mentors
  • The dangers of over comparing yourself to the success of others
  • How Evy’s Tree has helped others
  • Their future hopes for the continued growth of Evy’s Tree

In the interview I mention a promo code for Evy’s Tree that Brandon and Amy have made available to the viewers of Second Chair Leadership.

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