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What the CARES Act Means for Churches

Each week I’ve been having conversations from my living room with business and industry leaders. They’re Living Room Conversations during quarantine. Below is the 45 minute recording with Delano Sherley, CPA about the CARES Act. Delano is an experienced speaker to small business, nonprofits and churches. He is also the founder of Delano Sherley & Associates.

Some of the topics Delano covers…

The difference between the PPP (Paycheck Protection Program) and the Economic Injury Disaster Loan Program.

The process for calculating your payroll costs

  •         Salary or wages
  •         Housing allowance
  •         Health Insurance and Retirement benefits
  •         All allowances paid (phone, car, etc.)
  •         State and Local taxes
  •         Contractors (1099) such as part-time musicians

Note: Any of the spreadsheets Delano mentions can be found on his website 

Info about Living the Psalms series is HERE.

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phone screenSometimes the only thing between you and digital action is a click, but you don’t know where to click.

I was recently visiting a client site and realized I couldn’t figure out how to take action on the site. I wanted to give, to support, to share, but after 20 min of digging around I couldn’t figure out how to do any of those things. I couldn’t take action. Continue Reading…

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Miraflor PictureFive years ago Brandon and Amy Miraflor started Evy’s Tree, a San Francisco based clothing company that provides luxury comfort wear.

They are quick to say that starting Evy’s Tree was a “God surprise” they didn’t see coming. Today Evy’s Tree sells up to 1000 items of clothing per month.

In this interview Brandon and Amy talk about:

  • Evy’s Tree start-up days
  • The challenges of success and learning new ways to run a business
  • Having a plan but being fluid
  • The importance of having both business and spiritual mentors
  • The dangers of over comparing yourself to the success of others
  • How Evy’s Tree has helped others
  • Their future hopes for the continued growth of Evy’s Tree

In the interview I mention a promo code for Evy’s Tree that Brandon and Amy have made available to the viewers of Second Chair Leadership.

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In this interview Pastor Chester Mitchell talks with me about his second book “The Healing Road to Heaven.”Healing Road to Heaven Cover

Pastor Mitchell shares:

  • How NY Times best-selling author Mark Batterson came to write the forward.
  • Why he wrote a book on pain and healing.
  • How he ran out of faith praying for his dad to come to Christ.
  • What made the passing of his father “bittersweet.”
  • Why he wrote the book to help anyone take the next step towards finding peace.

Pastor Mitchell writes with refreshing honesty and hope about the journey from Pain to Peace. Pick up a copy today at or on Amazon.

After you watch register HERE to win a copy of “The Healing Road to Heaven.”

(NOTE: the book trailer and pop-up quotes will not appear on a mobile device)


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Conference Room ShotWhen I get one of those emails inviting me to bring a team to a conference.  I admit it. I get excited.  I like taking a staff of people to an inspiring event.

But is inspiration the only thing you’re suppose to bring home from a conference?

In this podcast I share How to get the most from a conference with you staff.

Click to Listen

I talk about breaking the Discover-Apply-Failure-Reflect Cycle that often happens after conferences.

Continue Reading…

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Stack of BooksIf you lead then you have done it.

You have read a book it was so helpful that you had to share it with your staff.  And then…nothing.  No feedback.  No changes.  You later see the book on their office shelf and wonder, “Was it helpful?”

On this podcast I talk about the best way to share a book with your staff.

Click Here to Listen

Continue Reading…

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Young Leader 2

In this podcast I talk about about hiring and working with young leaders.

[pullquote]Many employers know how to harness the energy of young leaders but few know how to grow young leaders.[/pullquote]

Click Here to Listen

Here are the talking points from the podcast:

  • I share a recent reconnect with a former employee of mine that reminded me how important it is to grow young leaders.
  • A young leader is a 20-something who may be recently out of college and lacking long term work experience.
  • Young leaders often make up in energy what they lack in experience. It’s important to grow a young leader and not just benefit from their energy.
  • I have hired several young employees over the course of my career, many of them for leadership positions.
  •  If there is a wrong way to hire a new employee, I have done it.  I’ve made all the mistakes at one point or another.  I am thankful for fellow leaders and even employees who cared enough along the way to share with me the inadequacies of my hiring practices.
  • I share how one employee gave me an exit interview that changed my hiring practices.
  • I explain why first-chairs should NOT manage the hiring process, especially first-chair pastors.
  •  Two reasons why the mindset of “Waiting on God to give you the right person” is not a beneficial hiring strategy.
  •  3 EXIT GOALS to keep in mind for when a young leader leaves your organization.

 1. They should leave better because of you and not in spite of you.

 2. They should leave better and not just better off.

 3. They should leave knowing they are better than you at something.

Here is Melissa’s tweet

Follow my former employee Melissa Hawks and her current boss Matt Craig and his company Beast Social Media.  Check out the Beast Social Media group online.

Join the Conversation: Were you ever a young leader? Were you better because of or in-spite of a senior leader?

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Life Central logoPaul and Julie Cook pastor Life Central Church in Dallas (Plano), TX.  Life Central is a church “Reaching people far from God and bringing them into a discipleship culture.”  It was my privilege to recently  sit down with Paul to talk discipleship and leadership.


Worship Set Life CentralListen as Pastor Cook talks about:

  • What it’s like to serve in the same place as a second and first chair leader.
  • What first sparked his desire to be a student of leadership.
  • How he avoided the mistake of forcing others to learn leadership the way he did.
  • Elements of leadership that work at Life Central.
  • His role as the leader and God’s role as the visionary.
  • Why he doesn’t have to invent vision, he just has to discover it.
  • Paul Preaching Life CentralWhat he learned by going through a re-visioning of his church’s corporate identity.
  • How he sees preaching in the context of where the church is going.
  • Why he preaches to lead and does not lead to preach.
  • How reaching to be multi-generational helps the church stay vibrant.
  • His realization that he is not the answer for his church.
  • That it’s OK to go at God’s pace.
  • Why it’s best to have a discipling culture and not just make disciples.
  • The thing that makes him want to hire someone.
  • Why he doesn’t want to hire workers or facilitators but reaches for developers.
  • How to know when to hire and when to stop adding more workload on others.
  • How he views his stewardship over employees.
  • Why second chair leaders are better at knowing what frustrates the church.
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Chester Mitchell TBNClick the photo or here to watch Chester Mitchell interviewed on TBN.  Fast forward to 1 hr, 25 min as Carman introduces Chester and his brother Paul.  After the interview Chester Mitchell preaches and closes out the program with a prayer.

Gravel Road Book Cover

Also watch Chester Mitchell talking about his new book The Gravel Road to Heaven in this 2 min promo video.

Join the Conversation:  What do you think about Chester Mitchell preaching on TBN? Leave a comment.

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LittlesDr. James Littles is Professor of Practical Theology at Urshan Graduate School of Theology, Dean of Urshan College and Academic Director of Purpose Institute

Dr. Littles is a facilitator at the UGST Symposium, April 4-5, 2013


In Part 1 Dr. Littles talks about:

  • What he feels most suited to do for local church leaders.
  • Listening with confirmability (Resource: The Art of Listening-Dialogue, Shame and Pastoral Care by Neil Pembroke)
  • Why Christology is best to define missional.
  • His role as an Apostolic scholar.
  • How the missionary nature of one church will defer from other churches.
  • Why he wants to tour the church building in order to discover the mission of a local church.
  • The missional exercise he goes through with churches to determine missional agreement.
  • The wrong way to hire a new staff member.
  • Recapturing another definition of being Apostolic.
  • Churches need Red Sea and Jordan River crossings (Resource: Our Home Is Over Jordan by Homer Ashby Jr. )
  • The “border crossing” Jesus led the disciples through by crossing the Sea of Galilee. (Resource: Border Crossings-Christian Trespasses on Popular Culture and Public Affairs by Rodney Clapp)
  • Why the real “change leader” is the Spirit.
  • The problem for the Church is not change, it is rate of change. (Resource: Future Shock by Alvin Toffler)
  • Why any pastor who stays in one church longer than 6 years must be a change leader

Join the Conversation:  How would you finish the statements      “The Church is _________. & I am called to __________.”?

BrueggemannWatch for highlights from the event with Walter Brueggeman.  Sign up for an email update to be notified once the interview posts.  No spam, just notification.

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