3 Exit Goals for Growing Young Leaders [PODCAST]

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In this podcast I talk about about hiring and working with young leaders.

[pullquote]Many employers know how to harness the energy of young leaders but few know how to grow young leaders.[/pullquote]

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Here are the talking points from the podcast:

  • I share a recent reconnect with a former employee of mine that reminded me how important it is to grow young leaders.
  • A young leader is a 20-something who may be recently out of college and lacking long term work experience.
  • Young leaders often make up in energy what they lack in experience. It’s important to grow a young leader and not just benefit from their energy.
  • I have hired several young employees over the course of my career, many of them for leadership positions.
  •  If there is a wrong way to hire a new employee, I have done it.  I’ve made all the mistakes at one point or another.  I am thankful for fellow leaders and even employees who cared enough along the way to share with me the inadequacies of my hiring practices.
  • I share how one employee gave me an exit interview that changed my hiring practices.
  • I explain why first-chairs should NOT manage the hiring process, especially first-chair pastors.
  •  Two reasons why the mindset of “Waiting on God to give you the right person” is not a beneficial hiring strategy.
  •  3 EXIT GOALS to keep in mind for when a young leader leaves your organization.

 1. They should leave better because of you and not in spite of you.

 2. They should leave better and not just better off.

 3. They should leave knowing they are better than you at something.

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Join the Conversation: Were you ever a young leader? Were you better because of or in-spite of a senior leader?

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