Conversation with Delano Sherley, CPA

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What the CARES Act Means

Each week I’ve been having conversations from my living room with business and industry leaders. They’re Living Room Conversations during quarantine. Below is the 45 minute recording with Delano Sherley, CPA about the CARES Act. Delano is an experienced speaker to small business, nonprofits and churches. He is also the founder of Delano Sherley & Associates.

Some of the topics Delano covers…

The difference between the PPP (Paycheck Protection Program) and the Economic Injury Disaster Loan Program.

The process for calculating your payroll costs

  •         Salary or wages
  •         Housing allowance
  •         Health Insurance and Retirement benefits
  •         All allowances paid (phone, car, etc.)
  •         State and Local taxes
  •         Contractors (1099) such as part-time musicians

Note: Any of the spreadsheets Delano mentions can be found on his website 

Info about Living the Psalms series is HERE.

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