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On October 1, Second Chair Leadership will launch a series of eCourses designed to improve social media engagement for individuals and non-profit organizations.

The courses will be taught in a live session through Google+ Hangout.  Google+ allows a group of participants to learn together by experiencing an interactive audio/visual presentation.

The first course is “Finding Your Social Media Voice”

SCL Social Media Voice Prezi

prezi logoThis one hour eCourse created in Prezi is designed to visually help participants discover their personal and organizational “voice” in the social media community.


Participants will learn:

  • Why social media is here to stay.
  • The 3 effective uses of social media (2 of which you’re not using).
  • How to develop your social media voice.
  • Your most important measurement on social media.
  • 5 best practices for using Twitter.

Participation requires a free gmail account and a computer with a video camera.

Watch next week for a special launch price!

Enrollment begins October 1

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